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Dr. Thomas G. O'Brien II

121 East 60th Street, 4D

New York, NY 10065

212 - 201 - 9122 


How It Works

Saving Patients Hundreds of Dollars

Our Membership Plan is very simple. Any patient can join our General Practice office for only $100/month, which will be billed to your credit card for all of that next month's covered in-office services. No insurance costs to pay for general care... and no high deductibles. When a membership patient comes to our office for general care... at any time during that membership month...the bill is already paid!

This is how it works:

Every time you visit a doctor who accepts standard insurance, that doctor is paid a very low rate by the insurance company. In addition, that doctor is required to hire extra staff just to process that insurance claim. To support his office and added staff to process insurance, that doctor must see more patients and cut the time he or she can spend with each person. The net result is that the patient is actually paying more... for less care.

The higher cost premiums... and higher deductibles... that almost everyone is now being forced to pay is really good for the insurance companies... but terrible for both the doctor and the patient. By eliminating the insurance... and moving to a modest monthly membership plan... the private practice doctor can now see fewer overall patients, spend more time with each individual patient and give each patient more personal, higher quality care.

In addition, Dr. Tommy O's office has negotiated to receive special pharmacy coupons that can save our patients as much as 75% on important prescription drugs... and equally significant savings on key lab tests and in-office procedures.

This is the new wave in quality, affordable health care!